No middle man, broker or agent involved! Both apartments are fully owned by Danish citizens David Nielsen and wife Yusong Huang. Both reside in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are often in Cannes but not always. Our office address is the following:

David Nielsen & Yusong Huang
20 Raevebo
DK-2665 Vallensbaek Strand, Denmark
Tel. 004527112727

This is obviously not the address of the apartments.

This business is run according to the regulations and income is reported to the proper authorities. This means that you are welcome to request a receipt for your bookkeeping purposes, convenient if you are on a business trip.

To call from the US you should dial 011 first instead of +.

Contract and inventory list shall be made available to you upon booking.

E-mail communication is preferred and in general you can expect a very quick reply, even for last minute requests but telephone calls are of course also fine.